The Question of Weight Loss
by Jerome Pindell

The question of weight loss and how to achieve your goals is probably
one of the more complex questions that anyone can face, if it is a problem
for you.

Is it dietary intake only? Is it predominantly emotional eating that is your
problem? Is it will power and/or the tendency to eat anywhere and at
anytime without regard to place? Is it from a hormonal imbalance?  Is it
being driven by the societal images of the perfect body, that is not what
you've been given?

These are just a few of the questions that need to be answered before
choosing a plan for weight loss and control. There are many theories and
approaches to training the mind and emotions to respond to your desires
for a better self image, a healthier body, and one that is pleasing to you as
an individual.

Normally I write from the perspective of my role as a Homeopath. For this
article, I will add the perspective of my use of the tool of Hypnosis. In
matters like this one, I would recommend a multi-leveled approach, using
any and all appropriate tools at your disposal.

First, explore the causes, then explore the solutions. When determining
the solution, do as one of my hypnosis teachers taught: "Downgrade your
expectations to the ridiculous!" In other words, set your goals at a doable
and manageable level. Your ability to reach those goals will give you more
and more confidence in your systems and in yourself. From each victory,
new goals can be set and further advances can be attained. Set your
goals at an unattainable level and you doom yourself to disappointment.

It is important to be realistic in your approach. Always keep in mind that
food is a necessity for life. It isn't like cutting out a health damaging
behavior or habit, like smoking, or curing an illness. Changing belief
systems is a matter of clear and honest investigation, reviewing the ways
that habits and beliefs were formed, recognizing how the belief may have
served you, when it was put into place, and whether it has outlived its
usefulness. What do you want to put in its place, why, and how will it
better serve you?

Also, and just as importantly, is it because you want to change the way
that you look? These approaches may incorporate therapy and hypnosis.
Homeopathy can also be useful. It can support you in balancing the
emotional challenges that you may struggle through, the food cravings, as
well as the hormonal disturbances that could be at the root of the
problem. Nutritional and other energetic modes of support will help all of
these measures to be fully effective. Lastly, finding a sympathetic and
supportive group of practitioners will be necessary for you to be
successful. All the best!"
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