CRCNGH Meeting Minutes

CRCNGH Meeting Minutes
Thursday, 09/17/15
6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Lyons Eye Bank conference room, door “F”, 6 Executive Park Drive,
Albany, NY

Members in attendance were Jerome Pindell, Elizabeth Tybor, Carol Fagan, Johanna D'Aleo,
Barbara Davison, and James Hislop
Also in attendance were our guest speaker, Anthony Smokovich, and our future hypnosis
student, Steven Borden.   

Treasurer’s report; In Sarah's absence, we carry forward the same $1203.22 as last month, less
$50. for Anthony Smokovich expenses, leaving an estimated $1152.22.   

Last month’s minutes were approved.  

George had been troubleshooting on our website and found better than monthly pricing with
Yahoo.  The cost is now $89. per year. We might have an update when George can attend next.

We remain grateful to Mr. Anthony Smokovich, whose informative and entertaining presentation
was his own unique guided meditation through the chakras, addressing each with awareness,
relaxation, centering and balancing.    He held us all in trance for about a half hour.   He has
practices in Saratoga Springs and Greenwich, CT, offering a multi-faceted and multi-modality
holistic approach to wellness and healing.      

We have planned our October meeting for the 15th at our usual time and location at the Lyons
Eye Bank conference room.  We look forward to hearing from our own  Sarah Van Leer reporting
on her recent experience with Inez Simpson and Ted Robinson.

Thanks to you all for your ongoing support and participation.  When it's Sarah presenting, don't
miss out on the fun.  
See you all next  month.
Respectfully submitted,
Jim Hislop

CRCNGH Meeting Minutes

We had no guests this month.

The regulars who attended were…
Barbara Davison, Liz Tybor, Charlene Thierren, Johanna D’Aleo,
Jerome Pindell, James Hislop, Helmut Hirsch, Carol Fagan,
Theresa Raskoski.
We missed the usual members who were not able to attend.

Old Business;

Treasurer’s report.   Sarah reported by email that we have $1203.22 in our coffers.   She will be
away in September but back in October for our meeting.
Last month’s minutes were approved.
We figured a $50. honorarium for our September guest speaker for his expenses.    Have a look
at his website;
Anthony Smokovich

New Business;

Any questions, suggestions for future topics, proposals?
September, as scheduled, next month, on the 17th, we have Anthony Smokovich.  
October, tentative for Sarah presenting on her workshop with Inez Simpson and Ted Robinson.
Barbara Davison offered to present the essence of her convention talk on Intuition for our
November meeting.  
As usual, our December meeting is our annual Holiday party.
Joanne D’Aleo offered to present on the topic of ‘’Affirmations to Children’’.  This looks like next
January’s meeting.

Tonight’s educational/discussion event;

We had our discussion of the recent NGH Marlboro convention;
Barbara briefly discussed her presentation on ‘’Intuition & Hypnosis’’, with an idea to present
more about it in November.   
I passed around a rather exceptional hand-out from my convention class on “Hypno-aroma
therapy’’ by Joan Katz.   Several people asked for a copy of the handout contents, which I will do
my best to make available at our September meeting.
Barbara was inducted into the ‘’Order of the Braid’’ at the convention banquet.  Congratulations,  
Barbara also noticed and requested that we need updated active member/contact list.     We
should all have a copy.   Can you help us, Sarah?  I can make copies here.
Jerome reported a conversation with Debra Nettles on whether it’s better to include, or not
include, your name in promotional media.   Debra says her responses increased when she didn’
t include her name.  After all, Jerome called the number on the ad out of curiosity to find it was

See you all in September.   You won’t want to miss it….

CRCNGH Meeting Minutes
Thursday, 7/16/15
6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Lyons Eye Bank conference room, door “F”, 6 Executive
Park Drive, Albany, NY

Our meeting was called to order at about 6:45pm;

We had 3 new guests this evening;
Dr. Susan Brunelle, Dr. Sherry Lyons and Richard Yerry, MSW.  Thank you for joining us and
welcome back any time.

Old Business;
Approving last month’s minutes
Our thanks to last month’s presenter….Meighan Esmond, who gave us a wonderful talk and
demonstration of Emotional Freedom Technique.

New Business;
About our own presenters at this year’s NGH convention; who is presenting?   So far, I know that
Barbara Davison is presenting on   Intuition and Hypnosis on Friday at 9am.    If I missed
anybody else, let me know.

Tonight’s educational event;
We enjoyed our presentation this evening by Dr. Helmut Hirsch who presented a power-point
talk about ‘’Mirror Neurons’’ and their relevance to hypnosis.   I can make copies of his hand-out
for those who couldn’t attend.

Future Educational;
Our August meeting will be a recap and review of our August convention, and will be on August
20th at the Lyons Eye Bank conference room as usual.
We have planned our September meeting with a visit from Anthony Smokovich, website, who will talk to us about his work.


CRCNGH Meeting Minutes  February 19, 2015
6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Our meeting came to order about 6:45pm as we were waiting for the pizza to arrive.  Present
were Carol Fagan, George Guarino, guest Johanna D’Aleo, and myself.  

Italics updates the agenda.  

Any guests to be introduced?   
Tonight’s new guest was Johanna D'Aleo, a Guild member from Athens, New York.  Welcome,

Old Business;
Treasurer’s report;
Sarah was unable to attend tonight.  We’ll get up to date balances next month.  

New Business;
1. The idea of encouraging less involved members to attend even if it’s only a few times a year,
and on a social and/or professional basis.      Let’s encourage guests, potential students, etc. to
join our meetings.  
We agreed to encourage new attendees to visit and meet us as well as inactive members to visit
any meeting to keep in touch.  Also, interested hypnosis students are welcome to meet their
prospective peers.   
2. Soliciting new speakers and new subjects for future meetings.  Any recent ideas?    The list is
getting smaller.  New ideas are welcome.  
Sarah presents next month, March 19th, on her topic to be publicized soon.  Our March meeting
will be in the Lyon’s Eye Bank conference room, Building 6, Executive Park Drive in Albany.  
George reported that the CRCNGH website wouldn’t publish updates properly.  I had found the
same problem and the help desk at Yahoo said there were program problems that were being
attended to soon.   
3. I’d propose a check of $50. donation, maybe twice yearly, to the Lyons Eye Bank for this winter
for the use of their conference room.  We would give them another donation in the fall.   They
have recently installed a 52” wall tv which we are welcome to use for our presentations.   We
also use their attached kitchen.  They remain quite generous and welcoming for us to use their
ideal space.  
We agreed that two $50. donations are quite appropriate and encourage good will.  
4. Sarah; preview about your presentation next month, March.
Please let us know an outline so we can enjoy anticipating your talk.  
5. I will order a pizza to be delivered at our meeting as an experiment.  Don’t eat dinner, suspend
your gluten aversion, and join us for a slice.
There was one slice of pizza left over for which the janitor was very grateful.  We agreed that a
delivered pizza was a pleasant idea and should be continued.  I paid for it tonight by credit card,
and we shall see about chapter covering the expense in the future.  

We viewed the following videos from Youtube and privately made reflecting the idea of love being
a trance of some kind.   Relevant to Valentine’s Day..
Videos about “The trance of love”.   
1.        father-daughter dance video, from the women’s group
2.        Decker and Jennifer video segment, “The Grand Slam Moment”, from AMP training
3.        “The best scene in Titanic”.   
4.        Decker and Kendra video segment, “Making Art from What Arises”, from AMP training
5.        Tracy McMillan; “The One You Really Need To Marry”.  
6.        Byron Katie’s video session with the single girl who can’t get a boyfriend
7.        “It’s Not about the Nail”,   gender differences in communication.

A good time was had by all.  Then, out into freezing wind and snow.   See you all next time, and
hoping for better weather.  

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Hislop

CRCNGH Meeting, January 15, 2015

Seven members, Jerome Pindell, Barbara Davison, Terry Ruskoski, Jim Hislop, Sarah van Leer,
Beth Sabo Novik, and Sugi,  and two guests, Christina Manning and Bill Ross, met at the
conference room near Jim Hislop’s Office, along with our guest speaker, Peter Blum.

The meeting was called to order by President Jim at 6:40 pm.

Business Meeting
Jim drafted an agenda which we followed.

Old Business:
1.  Again, no Treasurer’s report as Sarah had yet another disaster:  a tree falling on her house
and truck.  She promised to fix this on January 16, 2015.

2.  PLEASE READ:  Carol Fagan has invited us several times to give a presentation at the
healing meetings for cancer support she is facilitating at Gilead Lutheran Church in Brunswick.  
We are invited to present on April 28, 2015 at 7:00 pm for about 45 minutes, on the subject of
how hypnosis can help in “treatment of chronic illness and helping to change lifestyles, stress
reduction, and enforcing a positive attitude.”  Beth will attend.  Anyone else who wishes to
participate should contact Carol at 518-449-5339 to solidify the details.  (Sarah expressed an
interest in participating, but she will be out of town that day.)

New Business:

3.  Convention proposals.  Barbara’s was accepted.  Beth’s and Jim’s were not.  If anyone else
submitted a proposal for convention, please let us know whether or not it was accepted.

4.  George provided a copy of the announcement that the IACT Chapter on Long Island uses for
their meetings and recommended that we adopt their format for sending a meeting notice.  We
generally thought it was a good idea, and Jim and Sarah will keep it in mind when doing
meeting notices.

5.  Sarah will present at the March meeting (March 19, 2015), sharing information about the
course she is now taking in Universal Shamanism.  She reported that her teacher often uses
hypnosis to enhance the teaching he is doing and she wants to share some of the techniques
she found enjoyable and effective.

6.  Jim raised the question of “dinner.”  He facilitates another evening meeting at which
participants order in pizza and bring drinks (including wine).  He asked whether we would be
interested in doing something similar to share a meal over our meeting time.  The proposal was
generally well received.  If you want to share in pizza at our next meeting, please call Jim the day
before and let him know how many slices you would like.

7.  Next month’s meeting will be on February 19, 2015, either at the Lion’s Conference Room or
Jim’s Office.  A notice will be sent.  The subject will be The Trance of Love – The Trance of Sex.  
Jim will be compiling some readings and video clips.  Please send or prepare others so that we
can share this Valentine’s themed meeting.

Education Session:
Peter Blum, NGH instructor, hypnotist, sound healer arrived with an array of percussion
instruments and high good humor to share with us.  His presentation was a highly experiential
sharing of how sound and story work together to induce altered states and bring about change
and healing.  He used chimes, cymbals, bells, tuning forks, a gong, and baroque background
music to demonstrate various approaches to trance.

Some of the more concrete teaching:  He used a combination of C- and G-tuned forks on each
person, one at each ear, to induce relaxation.  He explained that this combination helps produce
an anti-stress molecule in the body.

He talked about “entrainment”, a principle described by the scientist Christiaan Huygens in the
late 17th century.  This principle describes how pendulum clocks in close proximity will swing in
time, and how women living in the same household will often menstruate on the same cycle.  
This has practical application in timing background music to a resting heartbeat (50-60 beats
per minute) and vocal instructions to 4 seconds on – 4 seconds off, the average rate of breathing.

He also brought a set of C-tuned tuning forks (4 different octaves) and demonstrated on Sarah
how the different cycles per second of the sound can induce and reduce hypnotic trance.  Each
pair is tuned to result in one of the four major brain wave cycles:  Beta (12-25 cycles): awake;
Alpha (8-12 cycles) light trance, daydreaming; Theta (4-7 cycles): hypnogogic; and Delta (.5-3.5
cycles): asleep.  (If you weren’t at the meeting and want to know about my experience, email me.)

Finally, he demonstrated overtone signing in the Mongolian and Tibetan traditions and played
his big brass gong, with even more overtones than his voice.

Confused and amazed, we adjourned at 8:50 pm.

POSTSCRIPT:  I have finally accessed the bank account and report that as of January 16, 2015,
we have $1005.71 on account, after paying Peter an honorarium of $100.  I also have in my
possession two stale-dated checks for membership dues totalling $80.  I will get in touch with
those who gave us those checks and have them reissued.  See you in February

October 2014 Minutes

Hello Everyone;
Last Thursday, the 20th, we met for our October meeting at 6 Executive Park Drive.  Attending
were Barbara, Jerome, a special return guest Cathy Pascale, and myself.    
This month's topic was to report on the 2 books that were the most influential to the early
thinking and training of each hypnotist.    

Jerome discussed the writing of William Hewitt in his books, ''Hypnosis'', and ''Beyond
Hypnosis''.     A copy the amazon description of William Hewitt is as follows;  
"William W. Hewitt was a freelance writer, the author of eight books and several hypnosis audio
tapes published by Llewellyn. He spent more than thirty years as a professional writer and editor
in the computer, nuclear power and mining industries. He was a certified clinical hypnotherapist
and frequently lectured on hypnosis, mind power, self-improvement, metaphysics, and related
subjects".   Jerome's early work was significantly supported by the precision of Hewitt's ideas
and scripts.   

Cathy described a conference she attended by author; Massaru Emoto, who wrote, "The Hidden
Messages in Water".   The Amazon description of the book is as follows,
"This book has the potential to profoundly transform your world view. Using high-speed
photography, Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered that crystals formed in frozen water reveal changes
when specific, concentrated thoughts are directed toward them. He found that water from clear
springs and water that has been exposed to loving words shows brilliant, complex, and colorful
snowflake patterns. In contrast, polluted water, or water exposed to negative thoughts, forms
incomplete, asymmetrical patterns with dull colors. The implications of this research create a
new awareness of how we can positively impact the earth and our personal health."   Cathy had
some pictures of water crystals on a jet window that supported what she had learned.   

I reported on the writing of Stephen Wolinsky who wrote ''The Tao of Chaos", "Trances People
Live" and "Quantom Consciousness".   Amazon describes his theory book of "Quantom
Consciousness" as, "this adventure into far-reaching psychological thought provides more than
eighty exercises -- designed to be done alone, in pairs, or in a group setting -- for exploring the
underlying unity that is quantum consciousness and the quantum approach to problem

A good time was had by all.   
For our November meeting, on the 20th at 6 Executive Park Drive, we will be delving into the
"shadow side" as authoritatively described by Carl Jung, and how relevant his ideas are to
hypnosis, especially parts therapy.    I have communicated the appropriate request for a special
appearance by dark-side-practitioner Darth Vader, since he will be done with his haloween
I hope to see you all next month.  

July Meeting Minutes:
July 17th, 2014, at Jim Hislop"s Office in Albany.

In attendance were: Beth, George, Barbara, Jerome, Jim, Carol and our guest, Mirko Pavlek,

The minutes were accepted.
Beth deposited the checks and cash from the dues paid the previous meeting.
We took note that we haven't seen Terri in a while and Carol said she'd call to check in with her.
Barbara had a scare that they didn't have her reservation at the hotel for the convention, but they
found her a room, so that is a relief!
Then we got the pleasure of hearing Miko Pavlek tell his story and talk about his work with
Eriksonian Hypnosis.  He's from Yugoslavia (which is now Croatia).  He got out of there just in
time and went to work an a cruise ship, which he called slavery.  He jumped ship in New York
City.  He knew no one and spoke no English.  He was homeless for a while.  He began to work
in restaurants and worked himself up to being a waiter at some very good places.  He learned
English, met his wife, put himself through college and grad school.  He has a BA and a MSW
from Hunter College.  He started exploring ESP and quickly moved to the group across the hall
from that who were studying Eriksonian Hypnosis.  He got certified through NGH in 1994.  He
talked about practicing language patterns when he walked his dog in the woods.  In the course
of the discussion he gave some examples of how he worked and I, for one, was impressed.  He
seems to truly embrace the Eriksonian idea that only you have the answer to your problem.  He
was also a very nice guy.

Our next meeting will be Thursday, August 21 at Jim's place again (I think).  We will be talking
about what we learned at the convention.  Everyone is welcome even if you didn't make it to
Convention this year.  


June 2014
Hello Everyone;
Our meeting came to order at 6:60 pm at Barbara's house, around her umbrella table on her
outside deck, with an abundance to eat and drink.  Present were Charlene Therrien, Jerome
Pindell, Carol Fagan, Beth Sabo-Novik, Jean Starr, Barbara Davison, George Guarino, Toni
Simon, and myself.   
The minutes from last month were accepted with great appreciation for Beth who carried our flag
by herself.   
Present officers were reelected with Beth Sabo-Novik remaining vice president, myself
remaining president.   The secretary and treasurer positions were combined under the
continuing authority of Sarah VanLeer.   I currently have the checkbook and will pass it on to
Sarah at the next occasion.   Our thoughts and best wishes extended to Sarah for a speedy
recovery from her recent accident.  
Jean Starr plans to be moving from the area soon, and we will miss her.   She promised to be
back to visit.   
We passed the hat to collect our annual dues, and received payment from Charlene Therrien,
Jerome Pindell, Carol Fagan, Beth Sabo-Novik, Barbara Davison, George Guarino, Toni Simon,
and myself.  My apologies if I missed anyone.    Additional members, not at the meeting, can
remain active by paying the $40. dues at the July meeting.   I certainly invite and encourage our
membership to remain active and keep our group strong and connected.    
We rounded out our meeting with news updates and informal case presentations.   
For next month's meeting, we will be hosting Mirko Pavlek,LCSW, a Saratoga hypnotist/therapist
who has a passion for Ericksonian hypnosis.   Mr. Pavlek has agreed to speak to us about his
study and use of Ericksonian hypnosis in his practice.    We will be meeting across from my
office, 6 Executive Park Drive in Albany on Thursday, July 17th at 6:30 pm in the Lyons Eye Bank
conference room.   
Additional future topics from my list are hypnosis and massage, the "shadow side" and parts-
therapy, hypnosis for raising self-esteem, hypnosis for well-being and pleasure, and a review of
weight-loss programs.  Suggestions for topics and speakers are most welcome.   
We are planning to have our usual meeting in August after the convention, looks like the 21st.  
Our topic will be sharing our experiences from the convention.   By then, we hope to have a
complete and updated member list.   
If I missed anything or anybody, please let me know.   
Thank you all for your ongoing participation and support.  I hope to see everyone next month.  
Respectfully submitted,
Jim Hislop


Here are the minutes for the May 15th CRCNGH Meeting.

Beth Sabo Novik arrived at 6:30 with her handouts all prepped for her big presentation.
At 6:35 a very large fly came in to keep her company.  She pondered the theory she once heard
that flies were spirits of dead loved ones coming to visit.
At 7:00 She settled into the knowledge that no one else was coming.
She took the opportunity to do some writing and enjoy the quiet.
At 7:15 she declared the meeting adjourned and went to meet her family who were running
errands out by the mall.
She knows you all really wanted to be here and appreciates the phone calls she got from people
who weren't able to make it.
She's not taking it really...she's not. :)

Looking forward to nest month's meeting in June.

Beth Sabo Novik, LMT


Note from Jim May 1, 2014
Hello Everyone;

The Thursday, May 15th meeting will be at the Saratoga Springs Public Library on from 6:30 to 8:
30pm.    Beth will lead the meeting and will be presenting on how to prepare yourself for the next
hypnosis client session.   Self-hypnosis to center and ground yourself to be ready.   The
Convention Courses information has a full description.  

The June meeting will be at Barbara's house on Rooney Ave. on June 19th from 6:30 to 8:
30pm.   We will be voting on next year's officers and collecting the dues.   We will need to update
our member list.  

Cathy reported that she is progressing on her massage training in Florida and expects to be
done and licensed in August.  She will forward what's left of the bank papers before the June

Brattleboro Retreat Hospital has very high quality ongoing education conferences in the spring
and fall.   On Friday, June 13th, the conference is on, "Clinical Hypnosis for Behavioral Health;
Theory and Treatment".   It's all day long and lunch is included.   The conferences are listed on
their website at   I plan to attend and would invite anyone to
join me.   

We have a tentative scheduling for Mirko Pavlek to present to us his working knowledge of Milton
Ericksonian Hypnosis methods at our July meeting.   Topics for later this year; hypnosis and
massage, hypnosis for pleasure and well-being, hypnosis and the ''shadow side''.    

My best to you all.  See you in June.

April 2014 Meeting Minutes -

Note from Jim March 2014

Hello Everyone;

Two cannibals were eating a clown.  One turns to the other and says, "This taste funny to you?"   
Our April 17th meeting will be about the conscious use of humor and jokes as a hypnotic
medium and to anchor relevant special effects.   It isn't so difficult to have a disheartened client
leave a session laughing in spite of his/her difficulties.   Humor can replace one a depressed
trance with laughter.   It doesn't have to be a knee-slapping belly laugh.   It's enough to leave
feeling better than they arrive, and the improvement is anchored to the process.    Thus,
appropriate humor can serve as a powerful anchor to secure other effects of the therapy.   
Especially effective is when a client responds with another joke or brings another joke to a future
session.   Please bring your favorite joke and prepare to enjoy a humorous evening with an ear
to improving our effectiveness with our clients.   
The Lyons Eye Bank people down the hall have become friendly neighbors since we borrowed
their conference room for Shielaa Hite's visit, and we will be meeting there again this month.  I
gave them a $50. donation because of their neighborliness and willingness to let us use their
space, and anyone who would toss in $5. to offset the cause, I'd appreciate.   
Beth will be away for this month's meeting, and I will be away for the May meeting.    

Beth's presentation topic for May will be her thoughts on how we can prepare ourselves as
hypnotists for any upcoming client session.    She will be presenting on the same topic at the
convention in August.    Beth is also considering another future presentation topic on how
massage/physical touch/anchoring can be a hypnotic medium for trance.   The May meeting will
be on May 15th at 6:60 at the Sussman room at the Saratoga Springs Public Library.   I'll be sorry
to miss it.  May is also election month and our $40./year dues are due.   We might postpone the
elections until June when we're likely meeting back in Albany.  Any preferences/opinions?   

For the June meeting, I'd propose a group discussion, case presentations, literature, all relevant
to ''the Shadow Side'' as described by Carl Jung a century ago.   The shadow side is the semi-
conscious mental agency that holds all of the delicious disowned, shameful, guilt-ridden, selfish
thoughts, memories, impulses and fantasies that our more proper side likes to pretend doesn't
exist.   Dark humor, dreams, fantasies, and ''what-was-I-thinking?'' moments arise from this
continual source of embarrassment.   The shadow side is also our tremendous source of
humor, lawyer jokes, energy and creativity that refuses to be denied.    It's our perfect calling for
parts therapy.   

Lastly, I was delighted last Friday to meet Mirko Pavlek, LCSW, a local hypnotherapist who has
devoted himself to studying and practicing Ericksonian hypnosis.   He said he rarely uses an
induction, but rather incorporates the clients' references into the story he makes for a therapeutic
outcome.   He said he would like to meet us and be willing to speak at an upcoming meeting to
let us know how he formulates his approach. I will be passing around his brochure at the April
meeting.   Perhaps  he will present his form of hypnosis at the July meeting, and he will
hopefully visit us before then.   

See you on the 17th at 6 Executive Park Drive at 6:30pm.   We will be across from my office at the
Eye Bank's conference room.  Until then,

February 2014 Minutes

Hello, Fellow Hypnotists.  Here are my minutes of last month's meeting.  Hope to see you all
March 20, at Jim Hislop's Office.  --sarah

CRCNGH Minutes – Meeting of February 20, 2014

Eight members met at the  Jim Hislop, Barbara Davison, Deb Nettles, Beth Novik, George
Guarino, Carol Fagan, Nicole Niles and Sarah van Leer, and two guests, Susan Hayes
(Saratoga County Coroner) and April Hannah (licensed alcohol counselor, Reiki master and
Donna Eden practitioner who trained in hypnotherapy at the Southwest Institute for Healing Arts
in Tempe, AZ.), met in Jim’s building to hear Board Certified Hypnotherapist and intuitive,  
Sheilaa Hite share her experiences with us.

Jim called the meeting to order at 6:37 pm.  The minutes of the January meeting were read and

Old Business:  Jerome Pindell and Jim Hislop will present an educational program at the March
meeting on poetry and hypnosis.  Beth Sabo Novik’s presentation has been moved to May.  We
need someone to present at the April meeting.

New business:  Cathy Pascal says hi to everyone.  Terry R  expects to be here next month but
didn't want to drive up from Lake Katrine in the snow.

Sheilaa talked about her experiences in Hollywood and her path to hypnosis and intuitive
counseling.  She shared some experiences with past / alternative lives, mediumship and links
between life and death.  A lively and interesting discussion with the members present and we all
learned something.

She recommended three books to us from her experience: The Inner Guide Meditation: A
Spiritual Technology for the 21st Century, by Edwin C Steinbrecher, with a forward by  Israel
Regardie; Past Life Therapy in Action by Dick Sutphen and Lauren Leigh Taylor; and The Outliers
by Malcolm Gladwell.

And she gave us a few suggestions of how to keep clear of negative energies --  bowl of water,
salt, rosewater, lavender oil, rosewater on the chakra points at bedtime.  Or a
Blue bath - bubble bath, honey 6T (6=healing), 6 drops rose oil or cupsful or rosewater; 6
handfuls of salt; blue food coloring enough to turn the water blue.  She also suggested we
create a Green Bath for prosperity and money issues, and red to raise a low energy level.

We adjourned at 9:00 pm.  Next meeting is March 20 at Jim Hislop’s Office.


January news (of Feb meeting to come)
Hello Everyone;
The Lyons Eye Bank next door has graciously given us permission to use their conference room across the hall
for our visit from Shielaa Hite.   [].  Our meeting is on Thursday, Feb. 20th at 6:30pm.   
The cleaning crew will boot us out by 9.   The spacious conference room is especially comfortable with plenty
of seating, a huge conference table, a kitchenette.  As always, we have easy parking and bathrooms.   Our
chapter meetings grow with the times.   
As Sarah told us, Shelaa Hite is an astrologer, psychic, tarot reader, energy healer and hypnotist who practices
in Great Barrington.   Be sure to think of questions to ask of our distinguished guest such as how she defines
trance, induces trance and uses trance in her work.   Or if she sees this as trance at all.   She might offer
demonstrations of her work if anyone would like to volunteer.   I'm hoping that her visit is a growing trend of
visiting consultants/lecturers for us, to invest in our improving skills by challenging and expanding our own
expertise with the stimulation from other practitioners.   
We're looking to Thursday, March 20th when Jerome and I will present on the hypnotic effect of poetry and
lyrics.   April is open, so does anyone have any ideas or preferences?   In May, Beth is planning to present her
ideas on how hypnotists can best prepare ourselves for a session.   
See you all on the 20th.


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