Stress and the HOLIDAYS
by Barbara Stevens

As the holidays approach, often their joy is offset by the added activities;
cooking, cleaning, travel, shopping, those family/friends we see once a
year (and even that’s too frequent).

Now is a good time to review old habits and put a new, less stressed spin
on the holidays.

What activities do you particularly love about the holidays?

Which ones ware you down?

Can you delegate or eliminate any?

Who can you ask to help out?

What did you miss in the last years because you had “too much to do”?

How can you rearrange your schedule to fit them in this year?

How can you make gift giving be a more rewarding experience?

Have old traditions become a trap instead of a treasure?

How can you put a new spin on the holiday?

Take time for yourself.  Indulge in a massage, find time to be by yourself,
listen to some soothing music, pick up an inspirational book and dedicate
15 minutes a day to reading it, you’ll find the added energy and joy will
really make a change in you and the people around you.

Give thanks for the richness you have in your life.  When we focus on
what we have and what is going right, we lift our own spirits and the world
takes on a new shine.

Make this holiday the best yet!

Barbara Stevens
Stress Techniques
Certified Stress Management Consultant
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